The ‘Include Me’ (InMe) project aims to promote the inclusion of target groups in different sports activities by raising awareness and cultivating a culture of diversity acceptance in the field of sports. The project addresses the needs of professionals in the field of sports and encourages sports organizations to try inclusion policies. The project focuses on creating a questionnaire for anyone involved, including athletes, staff, instructors, parents, and administrators, to list existing opinions of how each one offers and accepts inclusion. Five athletes from each partner organization will participate in at least five training sessions at other sports outside of the partners’ organizations that will be selected based on the athletes’ desire and the availability of local sports clubs. The project will assess the effect of interactions between athletes and the actors of a regular sport club to understand the perceived inclusive status by everyone involved. The project is in line with the European Union aim to promote the well-being of its people to combat social exclusion and discrimination, and to promote social protection.
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